Home Gym Equipment

Look through all possible variants of home gym equipment and get to know its types. Find out how to work with different kinds of treadmills, their advantages and disadvantages.

home_gyms_equipmentAll the treadmills are divided into two groups: treadmills that increase endurance and those developing strength (weight machines).

The treadmills of the first type are not designed to give too much load. They are also referred to as the cardiovascular equipment. This equipment usually trains the whole body making the blood circulate faster and therefore cleaning the vessels and training the heart. Cardiovascular equipment includes path treadmills, bike treadmills, steppers, elliptic and rowing treadmills.

Power treadmills are the machines that develop strength by overloading the muscles, presented by benches and treadmills that provide heavy loading, weights and dumbbells. Certainly, such division is not absolute: exercises on any kind of treadmills develop both force and endurance, although in a different way.

Bike Treadmill
Check out the types of bike treadmills, find out their characteristics and the training programs they provide.
Cable Crossover Machine
Read about new kind of machines that offer the same kind of personalized workout variety in the privacy of the own home.
Cardiovascular Equipment
Discover the use the training with cardiovascular equipment brings and get to know how to do the exercises correctly.
Chest Expanders and Grippers
Familiarize yourself with some interesting facts about chest expanders and grippers. Read about their main features and benefits.
Dip Station
Explore the main exercise techniques and the advantages of training on the Dip station machine. Read useful recommendations on the use of this machine in order to develop the triceps and increase strength.
Here you will find the information about dumbbells, their two main types and the ways they are used in training.
Elliptical Treadmill
Find out what an elliptic treadmill is, what opportunities it offers and how to train with it.
Gravity Edge Home Gyms
Check out the usefulness and effectiveness of the Gravity edge home gym machine. Find out how it works and where it can be ordered. Install in your room a rubber floor for your home gym equipment to make your workout comfortable.
Home Gym Equipment for Bodybuilding
Study the article and take into consideration the list of the most important Home Gym equipment if you tend to perform bodybuilding workout at home.
Home Gym Equipment for Martial Arts
Look through the types of home gym equipment that can be used for martial arts. Follow the useful recommendations that help you choose high quality equipment and also propose you low cost alternatives which can save your money.
Manual or Motorized Treadmills
Clear up the advantages and disadvantages of manual and motorized treadmills. Determine which type of treadmill is more useful for achieving your goals.
Path Treadmill
Get to know how the path treadmill works, what opportunities and training advantages it provides.
Pilates Home Gym
Pilates is very useful during pregnancy and it doesnt build huge muscle mass. Investigate the benefits of Pilates home gym equipment for performing your favorite Pilates exercises at home.
Power Rack Home Gyms
Get to know the characteristic features of The Power Rack Home Gym machine. Consider the effectiveness and necessity of the workout on this type of equipment.
Rear vs Front Drive Ellipticals
Find out the main difference between rear and front drive elliptical machines and their benefits and drawbacks.
Rowing Machine
Study the functions of rowing machines, their features and prices. Read the useful advice on how to avoid injuries while training with this treadmill.
Small Home Gym Equipment
Explore the advantages of small home gym equipment which can help you save your money, time and also will be very efficient for achieving your fitness goals.
Consider the advantages the stepping treadmill provides, learn its functions and special features.
The Advantages of Treadclimber
Discover the advantages of the Treadclimber with the help of which you can combine three workouts in one, burn excess weight and improve your fitness level.
The Hyper Extension Machine
Examine the usefulness and the effectiveness of the hyper extension machine for strengthening the lower back muscles, the hamstrings and abdominals. Browse through the exercise techniques which can be performed on this machine.
Types of Resistance in Rowing Machines
Look through the four main types of resistance in rowing machines, their functions and benefits.
Upright or Recumbent Exercise Bikes
Study the advantages of recumbent exrcise bike over the upright and vice verse. Educate yuorself how to choose the appropriate bike to suit the individual needs of your body and your exercise goals.
Weight Machines
Find out what the weight machine is and how it helps to train. Read the features it can be equipped with.
Weight Training Bench
Browse through information about Weight Training Bench and keep in mind what you have to pay attention at while choosing one for your home.
Wrestling Home Gym Equipment
Clear up the types of workout equipment which can be used by wrestlers in order to increase the forearm and hand strength.