Bike Treadmill

Check out the types of bike treadmills, find out their characteristics and the training programs they provide.
Bike Treadmill

Bike treadmill is the most popular kind of treadmills. It develops endurance, strengthens cardiovascular system, and at the same time trains muscles of legs and back. The computer shows distance, speed and pulse.

bike_treadmillBike treadmills can be divided into two groups - mechanical and magnetic treadmills. Each system has its advantages:

- Mechanical bike treadmill costs less and is more compact;
- Magnetic treadmill is silent and has more uniform course.

Magnetic treadmills offer variable loading by changing the distance between permanent magnets and the flywheel. The price basically depends on electronics and the weight of a flywheel. Bike treadmills which are developed for more advanced training level (from $400) have built-in training programs. The programs are developed by sports experts and offer the available way of training for any level of physical culture and for any purpose - fat burning or cardiovascular system training. One treadmill can have up to 12 programs.

More expensive (from 1500 $) bike treadmills have the programs automatically adjusting loading according to the pulse measures. The most expensive treadmills are characterized by interactivity of the highest level. Such bike treadmills can offer practically everything: from participation in a computer game up to practical advice of "professional coach".

40 minutes of bicycle riding a day are enough to burn unnecessary calories! The computer will show you the distance you have passed, the speed and pulse, and the number of calories you’ve burnt. The best models are equipped with interactive pulse-program, automatically adjusting loading.

There are also special bike treadmills designed to support the back and make sitting on it more comfortable.