Upright or Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Study the advantages of recumbent exrcise bike over the upright and vice verse. Educate yuorself how to choose the appropriate bike to suit the individual needs of your body and your exercise goals.
Upright or Recumbent Exercise Bikes

There is a great debate concerning which type of exercise bike is the best: recumbent or upright. It should be mentioned that both these kinds of bikes are useful. You should select the type of exercise bike according to your personal preferences.

exercise_bikes_1Characteristics of the Upright Bike
This style of an exercise bike is traditional which is modelled on the conventional road bike. If you often ride the road on a normal road bike you will feel more natural while training on the upright exercise bike.

Another benefit of the upright bikes is that they are space-saving. A recumbent bike is a laid back style aimed at stretching your body, so, due to this it is longer than the upright style which doesn't take much space.

Many fitness professionals state that upright exercise bikes provide a more intense workout because while using this bike your body is more upright so it becomes easier to put more effort into the ride.

Recumbent Exercise Bike
Recumbent exercise bikes are more comfortable than upright which leave you a saddle sore no matter how padded the seat is. The recumbent bike can be compared to the sitting on the chair because there would be no risk of a numb bum.

exercise_bikes_2If you have back aches the posture of the recumbent bikes will be more supportive than an upright. Due to this you will be able to exercise on the bike longer and your workout will be more effective. Also overweight people will find the posture of the recumbent bike more convenient.

The posture of the recumbent exercise bike puts more load on the legs and buttocks. So, it you want to achieve a great shape this type is more profitable and effective for you.

If yu are cycling in upright position a lot of pressure is put on the hands and wrists which can leave your fingers numb after a while. But if yu train on a recumbent bike there is no need to support your bodyweight with the hands. On a recumbent bike your arms are more open which gives you the opportunity to breathe better and exercise more effectively.

Both these styles of exercise bikes have their advantages and drawbacks. So, it is important to choose one which suits your individual needs. Try to test both styles in the store before buying an exercise bike.