Cardiovascular Equipment

Discover the use the training with cardiovascular equipment brings and get to know how to do the exercises correctly.
Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular equipment is first of all strengthening cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Therefore it is necessary to measure pulse during the exercises. The maximum effect from training is achieved in so-called “aerobic zone”.
The aerobic zone is a pulse norm of about 60-80 % of the maximum pulse possible to calculate with the help of the formula “220 minus age”.

As a rule, burning of fat begins when pulse is 60 - 70 %, growth and strengthening of muscles - at 70-80 percent from the maximum frequency.

Pulse measurement depends on the level of physical culture. It is considered that at an initial level pulse during the training should make 60-65 % from its maximum frequency, on average - 65-70%, and 70-75 % at more advanced level.

To find out the pulse during the training is easy: almost all cardiovascular equipment is supplied with different gauges for pulse measurement. These gauges can be attached to an ear, often they are placed on the levers.

Cardio-trainings increase endurance and also the intensity of training. Cardio-trainings enable to burn a maximum quantity of calories. There is a chance to see the amount of burnt calories on a computer display of the cardiovascular equipment.

To make your training most efficient it is necessary to alternate exercises with rest and to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Keep in mind that you can start training only after a professional instructor or a doctor consultation.

Training on cardiovascular equipment requires a proper correlation of frequency of trainings, their duration and intensity. If you train intensively, have a full day rest after each training.

The optimum length of training is 30 minutes. It is necessary to make breaks after the exercises or alternate them with less intensive ones. Training should necessarily consist of three parts: warm-ups, the basic part and fixing the results. It is necessary to make stretching exercises before each training and after it. It improves blood circulation and reduces risk of a trauma.