Chest Expanders and Grippers

Familiarize yourself with some interesting facts about chest expanders and grippers. Read about their main features and benefits.
Chest Expanders and Grippers

expanderThe chest expander is an effective upper body stretch. It allows everybody to achieve maximum cardiovascular benefits right from your home or office. Chest Expanders were a part of the training of many of the greatest old-time strongmen. Still many of the most well-known modern Strongmen make strength cables a big part of their training too.

        Chest Expanders vs. Weights

The first and most obvious advantage to chest expander cables is probably their portability: a full set of chest expander cables can easily fit in a gym bag and travel with you. Chest expanders are a perfect choice for the busy traveler.

Secondly, the nature of the chest expander itself, since it provides variable resistance which weights do not (due to gravity). Strength cables can not only provide resistance from many different angles, but they can also function to make exercises harder and therefore more productive. There are many areas of the body which can be developed much better with chest expander movements - areas that simply cannot be trained as effectively with weights. Try the "back press" for super triceps development to see what it’s all about.

Finally, cables provide a much smoother exercise through the entire range of motion than "throwing" the weight up and "catching" it on the way down, and that means more strength for individual in less time.

chest_expanderThink about training shoulders. The number of different directions the person can move her arms with weights is limited since the resistance can only come from one direction - straight down as a result of gravity. With chest expanders, it’s possible to work the muscles from every conceivable angle, including directions that have been probably never trained before. Only the imagination limits the ways to train with chest expanders. Over 300 different upper and lower body chest expander movements are discovered by professionals. So, the possibilities are endless.

Main features of modern chest expanders:
     - A comprehensive, light weight, portable upper-body workout you can do anytime, anywhere;
     - Security clips lock bands to handles for a safe solid connection;
     - Types of materials used: metal and plastic. Contoured ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip;
     - Develops upper back, arms and shoulders. Strengthen the chest and arms
     - Around 5 levels of adjustability.

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