Dip Station

Explore the main exercise techniques and the advantages of training on the Dip station machine. Read useful recommendations on the use of this machine in order to develop the triceps and increase strength.
Dip Station

The Dip station machine can be also called the Triceps Dip Machine. It is helpful in training the triceps and assists in the development of the triceps.

When you use this machine the other muscles like shoulders, abs, deltoids, chest or pectorals are developed less when you perform the triceps dip.

The Dip station machine consists of a platform with two steel upright arms. It has metal arms grip which is at a slightly upright angle to the body. This machine is not very large; its dimension is 70cm x 120cm x 120cm.

dip_stationRecommendations on the use of the Dip station
The main purpose of the Dip station is to isolate and develop the triceps. At first you should install the platform and hold yourself firmly. Then try to lift yourself off the platform to the position when your arms are straight and fully extended. Cross the legs behind your body─ it helps you lean forward a little bit and put maximum tension on your triceps. Breathe in slowly as you bring your body down.

You need to lower your body to the position when your chest is parallel with your hands. Then you should exhale gently as you lift yourself up and your arms should be straight. You shouldn’t hold your arms straight at the top and repeat the exercise immediately. Locking your arm can be done during the resting period and it can lower the tension of the triceps and your exercise will be less effective.

Warming up is also necessary before exercising on the triceps dip because this workout creates muscle tension. Your triceps and arms should be stretched and limbered and it is important to do lighter exercises at the beginning of your workout. In order to avoid shoulder strain or injury you shouldn’t go lower than your lower chest while training on the Triceps dip machine.

Use various exercise techniques
You can add intensity to the workout on the Triceps dip machine if you use a weighted belt or find other alternatives of adding weight to your body as you dip. Extra weights will make the exercise harder which leads to faster muscle growth.

If it is too difficult, you can reduce the workout intensity by transferring part of the weight onto the floor with your leg. The beginners can lower the intensity if they place a bench behind the machine.

The advantages of the Dip station
1. The Dip station is a great exercise machine. It is helpful in isolating the triceps and provides you with an intense training of the triceps.

2. If you do a few set of triceps exercises, it will lead to the muscle burn and cause the growth of triceps.

3. Owing to the compact nature of this machine it can suit for any home gym.