Elliptical Treadmill

Find out what an elliptic treadmill is, what opportunities it offers and how to train with it.
Elliptical Treadmill

elliptical_treadmillIt is one of the newest kinds of the sports equipment. The degree of efficiency of elliptic treadmills is similar to that of a path treadmill. Cross-country-training (walking over elliptic trajectory) combines training cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and also elements of strength training for the top part of a body. It is considered, that such "elliptical steps" involve various problem zones and muscles of legs and buttocks. Thus exercises on elliptic treadmills are absolutely harmless to joints. The design allows the simultaneous training of breast muscles, arm and back muscles.

The computer of an elliptic treadmill allows to set a distance, time of training, and optimum of pulse. The price of such treadmill depends on the weight of a flywheel, the maximum weight of the user which the machine and the built in programs can bear. In expensive models (from $2000) there are all spectrums of interactive functions.

As a matter of fact, the elliptic treadmill is an original "mix" of a path treadmill, a bike treadmill and stepper. The person moves legs or twists pedals with elliptic amplitude. It is considered, that such "ellipse steps" involves various problem zones and especially muscles of legs and buttocks. On these treadmills it is even possible to move back, developing some zones that are not involved in fitness.

Handles allow to train simultaneously of breast muscles, arm and back muscles. It is very useful, but it significantly loads joints and generally demands considerable power inputs. It is recommended only to strong sportsmen.

Some modes are designed up especially for those who try to get rid of cellulitis. These treadmills don’t guarantee the total and full rescue from it, but anyway it is much more effective than different kinds of creams.

This variant of a hybrid of a path treadmill and stepper provides more natural trajectory of leg movement - elliptic. Supplied with levers for