The Hyper Extension Machine

Examine the usefulness and the effectiveness of the hyper extension machine for strengthening the lower back muscles, the hamstrings and abdominals. Browse through the exercise techniques which can be performed on this machine.
The Hyper Extension Machine

The hyper extension machine is beneficial for working such muscles as the hamstrings, abs, and the muscles of lower back. This machine allows you to perform a very good torso power workout. Sometimes when you can’t manage to improve your back torso muscle it may cause back pain problems. But if you use the hyper extension machine you will avoid these problems. This machine can be used to build the core torso power and also strengthen the muscles of lower back.

The work of the hyper extension machine is aimed mainly at the lower back muscles (erector spinae), gluteus and the hamstrings. Due to this machine you will be able to make your core body and the lower back stronger.

The hyper extension machine includes a padded bench and two foot restraints which are placed behind the bench’s seat. The dimension of this machine is 80cm x 110cm x 110cm. It is also very compact and can help you improve the lower torso muscles and lower back muscles.

hyper_extension_machineHow to use the hyper extension machine
If you want to develop the lower back muscles, you need to position yourself onto the leg or waist pad. Your waist should be above the pad in order to provide a free range of movement. Your legs should be also secured: you need to keep the back of your ankles under the leg restraints at the back. After that you should lower your waist to the floor as far as you can. But you need to feel your self comfortable and your neck should be relaxed.

You should inhale lowering you body gently to the floor and exhale as you raise the torso. Then lift yourself to the level that is parallel to your legs. Hold your body at the top for a count of two and then repeat the exercise once more. Try not to swing or bounce at the end of the movement. It will make the exercise less efficient. More intense exercises can be also done with the help of this machine.

To perform sit ups on the hyper extension machine you need to sit on the pad with the top of your ankles and feet fixed behind the leg restraint. The two side handles by the side of the chair can be used for this purpose. To start the exercise you need to lower your back to a horizontal position as far as possible and breathe in. As you gently lift yourself to the vertical position you need to exhale.

You shouldn’t bounce while performing the motion movement. This exercise is beneficial for the abdominal muscle.

It is also important to warm up properly before exercising on the hyper extension machine in order to avoid back strain. If you feel strain on your hamstrings when you try to increase the intensity you shouldn’t hurry. After some period of time you will be able to extend the range of motion. You mustn’t bounce trying to increase the intensity because it may cause injury.

When you do sit ups on this machine your back should be straight and rigid. You mustn’t arch the back because it can lead to the strains of your muscle and inner torso. Also you shouldn’t put your hand behind your neck or head when you do sit ups.

Variation in technique
If you use additional weights you can make the workout on the hyper extension machine harder. You should put some weights across your chest and cross your arms during the sit ups. It is useful for the rapid muscle development. If you want to perform back hyper extension you need to put a weighted plate across your chest or you may also keep a weighted barbell behind the shoulders during your movements.

The sit ups can be also varied in several ways. You can twist your torso as you rise to sitting position which can extend the oblique muscle (side abdominals). The other way is to do a half sit ups. This exercise is very beneficial because it works the abdominals more effectively.

The advantages of the hyper extension machine
1) The hyper extension machine is useful for strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles. If you spend most of your time sitting behind the computer you have lack of lower back strength which is necessary for supporting your torso.

2) With the help of the hyper extension machine you will maintain the musculature of the lower back properly.