Manual or Motorized Treadmills

Clear up the advantages and disadvantages of manual and motorized treadmills. Determine which type of treadmill is more useful for achieving your goals.
Manual or Motorized Treadmills

If you decide to buy a treadmill it is necessary to find out whether you want motorized or manual treadmill.

The difference between manual and motorized treadmills
If you use a manual or non-motorized treadmill you will need to push the belt with your feet.

Motorized treadmill gives you the ability to keep pace as the treadmill motor moves the belt for you at a pace you set electronically.

Pros and Cons of the Manual treadmills
Manual treadmills are less expensive because they don’t have a motor. Their price ranges from $200 to $600.

These treadmills are also smaller and occupy little space. It will be much easier for you to move manual treadmills.

Some users say that with the help of manual treadmills you will burn more excess fat than if you use motorized treadmill because you use more power to move the belt. However it is not true.

If you are not in the perfect athletic shape you will move slower and get tired quicker because you supply the power. As a result you will burn less calories using manual treadmill.

Additionally the action of getting the belt to move initially and keep it moving can lead to a strain on your joints.

Also it is very hard to run on this treadmill that’s why you shouldn’t use manual treadmill for jogging or running.

manual_motorized_treadmillsPros and Cons of Motorized treadmills
Motorized treadmills are more costly, their price can be $800─ $8000. But these treadmills are more durable and are built to take more of a beating.

The belt in motorized treadmills can move at different speeds which can help you burn more calories (vs. a manual treadmill).

You can select the suitable speed and incline on these treadmills. These options make the motorized treadmills more convenient and prevent the strain on your joints.

Motorized treadmills also include more options and features such as iFit compatibility, numerous built-in workout programs, scrolling information consoles. Due to this the training sessions become more interesting and enjoyable because you can follow your progress. When you notice positive results you will use this treadmill more often which can help you build better body.

If you are not in a good physical shape you shouldn’t use a manual treadmill. Motorized treadmills are more beneficial for burning excess fat and are more convenient.

The major advantage of the manual treadmills is their low cost but it is possible to look for a good quality motorized treadmill for a relatively low cost if you know where to look.