Home Gym Equipment for Martial Arts

Look through the types of home gym equipment that can be used for martial arts. Follow the useful recommendations that help you choose high quality equipment and also propose you low cost alternatives which can save your money.
Home Gym Equipment for Martial Arts

Read the main recommendations and products that can help you build effective home gym for your martial arts.

You should know exactly that you have enough space and area and that you won’t be interrupted by anyone. The most suitable area should be at least 10 feet by 10 feet. This room shouldn’t have telephone, radio, television and other. It will help you concentrate on your training and also prevent you from stress of your everyday life.

home_gyms_martial_art_1Equipment for Martial arts
There is no exact type of equipment for the martial arts. But there are some items which can improve your workout and help achieve progress.

Heavy Training Bag
This type of equipment is useful for increasing your training level, power and speed. It can be used for both kicking and punching.

Everlast's Nevatear Heavy Bag
This bag has 7 sizes that range from 14" X 30" to 14" X 48". It is helpful for avoiding mildew and its leather-grained vinyl cover is very long lasting. It can be a great alternative to the more expensive Everlast Leather Heavy Bags. Depending on the size they can cost from $79.99 to $144.99.

Century's Vinyl Heavy Training Bag
It has nearly the same quality as the Everlast Nevatear bag. It also has a durable vinyl cover and is beneficial for preventing mildew. The only disadvantage of this bag is that it comes in one size, 13" X 40". Their prices range from $59.99 to $79.99.

Inexpensive alternative
You can also make your training bag by yourself. You need to buy a dufflebag from either a retail store or military surplus and it can be filled with old clothes or rags. The bag should be stuffed as tightly as possible in order to create the firmness and weight of a standard heavy bag. With the help of this bag you can perform the same workout and it will cost you nearly $15-$20.

Most heavy bags include a bungy cord that attaches from the bottom of the bag to mounts that attach to the floor. It is very important for preventing the bag from swinging. If you do not wish to drill mounting hardware into your floor, the bungy cord can be affixed to the umbrella weight of your patio’s table. This weight costs nearly $10-$15 and can be bought in many stores selling patio furniture.

Water-Core Bags
The workout using water filled bags is almost the same as the workout on the traditional heavy bag. But the main advantage of the water core is that it provides a greater degree of flexibility. Due to this it creates a striking surface which is not so harmful for your joints.

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