Path Treadmill

Get to know how the path treadmill works, what opportunities and training advantages it provides.
Path Treadmill

It is known that trainings on a path treadmill are very boring for people who are not fans of running.
Having the TV in front of you doesn’t help. It’s better to train to dynamic music.
The racing treadmill occupies a lot of space and it is very convenient to hang up clothes on.

It is the most popular kind of treadmills for today. Trainings on path treadmills are considered to be one of the most effective methods of burning of fat. It is because of psychological reasons: running the sportsman carries the weight of own body in space, it speeds up the process of metabolism, burns calories and strengthens the organism.

There are two kinds of path treadmills: mechanical and electric ones. Mechanical treadmills are the simplest and the cheapest (they cost no more than $400). Such paths do not demand electricity as the racing cloth is actuated by the sportsman. However, if the runner gets tired, training efficiency reduces.
Electric path treadmills offer more efficient training. Loading is regulated in two ways: slope and speed changing. The changes can be done manually or with the help of the programs. Such programs are provided in majority of modern models.

The level of a path treadmill (and therefore the price) depends on engine capacity, size of the racing cloth (which determines not only comfort, but also capacity of a path) and the maximum weight of the user which the path can bear. The price will also depend on the maximal limit of speed of a treadmill and a corner of an inclination of a racing cloth. Choosing the path treadmill it is important to pay attention to amortization. The amortization system reduces the shock loading harmful to the spine and joints.

More expensive paths (from $1100) have already built-in training programs. The next class of path treadmills (from $2000) also provides programs automatically regulating loading depending on pulse measures.

They enable sportsmen to use special CDs and videocassettes with programs of various trainings (for example, for fat burning or cardiovascular system training). The CD may contain special orders of the trainer, the path will independently adjust speed and the slope of a cloth, changing, therefore loading. Besides training with the help of the program video variant, the user can "run" not in a small room, but over the picturesque meadows or almost impassable mountain tracks.

Running is an absolutely natural kind of physical activity that is useful even in closed rooms. It even has the advantage over the street jogging - absence of furious dogs and inconsiderate automobile drivers and constantly good weather.