Types of Resistance in Rowing Machines

Look through the four main types of resistance in rowing machines, their functions and benefits.
Types of Resistance in Rowing Machines

Nowadays it is very important to do exercises and stay fit and healthy.  It has nearly become one of the basic necessities of the day. You can find various exercise machines on today's market. A rowing machine is a useful and important device for an effective cardio-vascular workout. This machine will not only make you fit but it also provides a workout experience of whole body. On the rowing machine you need to push and pull of the handles and use the legs for pedalling. During the exercise you  work the calf muscles and the hand muscles.

rowing_machineMost rowing machines have four types of resistance:
1. The Piston resistance. It is obtained from the hydraulic cylinders connected to the arms of the rowing machine. These cylinders are very compact and realtively small in size, so they can be easiy stored and don't require a separate space. These types of machines are realtively inexpensive. But their main disadvantage is that they do not offer a rowing machine as accurate as the other types.  Training on these machines will be very effective but the smoothness might not be available.

2. The Magnetic resistance. In this case powerful electromagnets are used to achieve the necessary resistance. They also provide a silent function and a smooth workout. You will be able to correct the resistance according to your needs. However, these machines are inconvenient and require a dedicated space for storing them. If you have enough space and want to perform a perfect workout the magnetic type idealy fits in.

3. The Water resistance. This type provides you a real experience of rowing. With the increase of speed the resistance also increases which makes your training more challenging and entertaining. By adding or removing water in the tank, you can increase or decrease the resistance.  They are not as noisy as the Air type, but still they are in the second position. This machine is also very heavy but is can give you the ultimate experience and a complete workout.

4. The Air resistance. These machines provide complete control upon the user. The faster the pedals are pedalled, the more the resistance developed, thus giving the user the complete authority to select the needed resistance. But they are not foldable and require a separate space for storing. They are noisy and not very convenient.

Many rowing machines have such features as different rowing functions, changing the resistance, amount of time rowed, distance travelled, calories burnt etc. Some can have the facility to do other exercises as well. It is possible to find a machine that will fit your budget and goals.