Consider the advantages the stepping treadmill provides, learn its functions and special features.

stepperStepper is the kind of treadmill that allows even watching TV during the training.

This treadmill is basically appropriate variant for the home gym. Its transportation is convenient as there are some rolls attached (as it is rather heavy), and it is possible to thrust it under the bed. However considering its weight, it is problematic to put it out every day, therefore having set it up once try to find it a constant space in your room. Its usage is recommended for inactive people, for elderly people and for people who have had leg traumas recently, and for those who don’t have an opportunity to walk because of any reasons.

The computer counts how much you have walked and gives out information about the spent calories, though very approximately.

Big steppers have convenient levers for hands, but they are very massive. Small steppers don’t, however their advantage is that they are very compact. If you wish to train legs intensively and not to spend much money and space and if you have strong will, then small stepper is just what you need.

stepperThis treadmill successfully performs not only usual for all cardiovascular equipment functions, but also actively trains leg and pelvis muscles.

There are two kinds of steppers: with and without adjustable loading. The steppers without adjustable loading are small and consist of one pedal and the calculator of steps and time. Steppers with computer-regulating loading have pulse measurement according to which the frequency of steps and their rhythm are set. Such steppers are more expensive and require a lot of space. They have hand-rail or levers for the hands, loading the pectoral girdle.

Steppers were very popular for a long time but recently they passed their popularity to the elliptic treadmills.