The Advantages of Treadclimber

Discover the advantages of the Treadclimber with the help of which you can combine three workouts in one, burn excess weight and improve your fitness level.
The Advantages of Treadclimber

As well as treadmills and elliptical machines or the cross country ski exercise machine and the stair climber, the Treadclimber has a design that can provide you effective cardio training. Let’s find out which factors differentiate it from the other types of equipment and how effective it is.

You are able to perform three movements in one
The Treadclimber combines in itself a treadmill, stair climber and elliptical machine. It means that you can walk forward like on the treadmill, step up like you usually do using a stair climber. These two movements can be mixed with the help of dual platforms that rise separately to turn each of your steps into a smooth, low-pact motion similar to an elliptical. Such combined activities will make your workout more efficient.

advantages_of_treadclimberYou can burn calories faster
Due to the fact that the motion usually involves the largest muscle groups of your body you will be able to burn more calories at the increased rate. The same amount of calories can be burnt in about half the time it would take if you trained on a treadmill using the same speed and resistance level. So using Treadclimber you can burn calories faster even if you choose lower speed.

A lot of people have limited time for the workout. If you make the most of your workout time you will have more time left for other activities.

It is possible to change a pace for your training. You can make few simple adjustments and you will be able to use the Treadclimber as either a stair climber or a treadmill. In order to make a stair climber you should set your hydraulic intensity (ranging from 1-12). But if you lock the two treadles together, switch on the power, you will have a treadmill on a 10% incline.

Resistance levels
Most home gym equipment carries various resistance levels. The Treadclimber proposes you 12 different resistance levels. Due to this you will be able to begin with simple exercise and move up to more intense training as soon as your muscles become stronger. The speed can be also set on this machine. You can start from comfortable range 0.5 mph and extend it to 4.5 mph.

With the help of a Treadclimber you will perform efficient and high quality workout. There is no chance to work up a sweat and burn fat by coasting. But it will be very comfortable for you to start your workout that suits your useful zone and over the period of time you can gradually extend the intensity of your training.

In spite of the fact that this type of equipment is very smooth it should be mentioned that it will become comfortable for you when you get used to it. You should learn to concentrate on your gait and balance before the motion becomes natural for you and give you positive results. You might need to perform several training sessions before you recognize your gait and you no longer give it any additional thought.

If you want to burn excess fat quickly and effective and perform only essential exercises you ought to buy the Treadclimber. But it won’t be useful for you if you tend to get amazing results performing very simple workout. You don’t need to perform your training session for a long period of time but you will have to put your body through the paces.