Weight Machines

Find out what the weight machine is and how it helps to train. Read the features it can be equipped with.
Weight Machines

weight_machinesThe new type of the weight machines uses weight of the sportsman as the basic loading. They help to develop strength, endurance and flexibility. The level of loading can be changed, having adjusted the slope of a bench or due to use of additional weight plates.

Professional athletes prefer to train with free burdening: weight plates and dumbbells. So it is possible not only to build-up physique quickly, but also to improve movement coordination. Treadmills with free weights are divided into the units loaded by weight disks, and for work with bars and dumbbells. Choosing machine tools for work with free burdening it is necessary to pay attention to design reliability and the maximum weight and also to the distance between racks and the opportunity to regulate their height.

Treadmills with the built-in weights will suit those who have just started to train: they are safer and allow to work out the specific group of muscles, without involvement of the others.

The necessary intensity of training with such equipment in each particular case is set by practical consideration. It is advised to apply the burdening making from 50 up to 70 percent of the maximal weight that can be lifted. The bigger is the weight, the smaller is a number of repetitions of exercises and therefore, the risk of a trauma increases.

If you do not have any especial program, it is necessary to do from four up to six exercises for the bottom part of a body, and then from six up to eight exercises - for top. It is necessary to have a rest for some minutes after each treadmill.

Carrying out power exercises it is necessary to concentrate, strain the muscles involved in given exercise and keep the spine straight.

Before purchasing the treadmill for your home, think, whether you use this expensive toy at least two times a week? If there are doubts, it is unnecessary to start.

The choice of a particular machine depends on set of factors. In any case low price is not the main one. Before buying such a treadmill it is better to get a recommendation from the professional instructor.