Multi Gym Resource Guide

Get to know about multi-gyms properties as well as comparative analysis of each equipment on energy expending possibilities.
Multi Gym Resource Guide

multi_gym_resource_guideMulti-Gyms are a great addition to any home fitness center, as soon as they allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises and take up very little space.

In addition a multi-gym is far less expensive then purchasing individual components. They are even more economic then buying regular free weights. Nearly all dumb bells start at 1 dollar per pound. So, if you want to have several hundred pounds of weight for heavy lifting you can end up investing a lot of money in iron.
A lot of of the newer multi-gyms like the BowFlex rely on resistance bands that offer smooth operation. They take up less space and are ideal for a home gym.

"Which Cardio Machine Burns the Most Calories?

The study compared treadmills, Elliptical trainers, stair machines, rowing machines and exercise bikes. Users were asked to use each piece of equipment at a perceived level of intensity. (IE: Easy, medium hard). Measurements were taken to see which piece of equipment caused the user to expend the most energy.

At a "hard" intensity the results were:
• Treadmill - 700 Calories per hour
• Stair Machine - 625 Calories per hour
• Rowing - 600 Calories per hour
• Elliptical - 600 Calories per hour
• Stationary Bike - 500 Calories per hour

It is very important to remember that all pieces of exercise equipment burn zero calories per hour if you don't use them. So make sure that you enjoy the piece of equipment that you get. If you love rowing then don't get treadmill just because it burns more calories per hour.