Pros and Cons of Home Gyms

Read about the most popular Home Gym equipment. Study the surveys of the Home Gyms, find out their advantages and disadvantages and choose the best Home Gym tools for you according to the price, resistance amount and the calisthenics level.
Pros and Cons of Home Gyms

There exist several manufacturers of the home gyms that should be mentioned. Most of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but  the following home fitness gyms deserve our attention.

pros_cons_home_gymWeider Home Gyms survey
The Weider Crossbar (formerly called the Crossbow) is a universal gym that creates resistance using stout but flexible bows. Its resistance range  values  from 5 pounds to 240 pounds, and has an available upgrade so that the amount of resistance increases to 440 pounds. The cost of  The Weider Crossbar is around $500.

Advantages: The price of  The Weider Crossbar is not very high and  a wide range of exercises that it can be used for is provided.

Disadvantages: You will need much time to put it together and some of the suggested exercises are uncomfortable and hard to repeat.

Gold's Gym Home Gyms survey
The Power Flex is the most popular Gold's Gym home gym. At this universal home gym flexible bows can be used to provide resistance. It gets the maximum resistance up to 210 pounds, and it has an available addition that increases this maximum to 410 pounds. The Power Flex cost range is between $500 and $900.

Advantages: The Power Flex includes a rowing station. It gives the possibility to do 65 different exercises, and folds to fit in a 2’by 3’ space.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to fit the resistance level and also its manufacturers provided a very poor customer servise.

Tuff Stuff Home Gyms survey
The most popular home gym created by Tuff Stuff is The CFM-555.  This is a universal gym and it has a single weight stack. The price of The CFM-555 is nearly $1200.

Advantages: It is very easy to operate the devices at The CFM-555,  also it has a contoured seat back which is functional and comfortable, and a wide range of different exercises can be done on it.

Disadvantages: It is very huge so it will be hard to move the device. It gives no possibility for user to add resistance to the CFM-555.

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