Types of Home Gyms

Discover the main types of home gyms according to the place where they are situated, get to know what equipment itТs better to allocate there.
Types of Home Gyms

Home gyms are divided into many types according to the place where they are situated:

small_room_gym1. Small Rooms - usually small, room sized places. Don’t plan to fit a lot of equipment here. The best thing you can do is to fit ONE jungle gym unit here, though if you want convenience, it would be wiser to stick to light and install something like push up bars, sit up mats, and dumbbells. Some barbells may require large weight racks, so it’s better not to use them as they require too much space and, besides, are dangerous to use in small rooms. Some part of such equipment can fall down and cause injury.

expansive_room_gym2. Expansive Rooms - this is not a problem. These rooms are large and have a lot of space. It is very easy to allocate the home gym equipment in this type of room. It’s better to install equipment in areas by segments. For example, a jungle gym in one corner, a treadmill in another, a punching bag in a third, etc. Put some mats in the center of the room for calisthenics and other exercises, and leave one wall free to put a big mirror on it.

basrment_gym3. Basement Gyms - they are made from basements, and they are usually large too and their entry points are marked by stairs. Do not install any units of equipment near them, as gym gear is often marked by the presence of a lot of heavy metal. People coming down the stairs can get injured if they land on a barbell weight rack, for instance. Ventilation is an important issue that also has to be carefully considered as basements don’t have any windows. Use artificial air conditioners or basement dehumidifier with air temperature settings to keep the air in the room fresh.

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