Useless Exercise Equipment

Find out the types of exercise equipment which is less effective and may cause injuries.
Useless Exercise Equipment

When people go to gym they try to perform as many exercises as possible and they believe that the more exercises the better. Some people think that performing essential amount of exercises can help them achieve their goals. However there are some kinds of equipment on which you can only waste your time and get no results and such machines just take up space. Read a list of equipment which is not efficient for you:

1. Smith Machine
Smith machine is the worst piece of equipment in the gym. Some trainers recommend do other exercises on it besides squats and lunges. This advice is creative and useful. But if you want to squat, lunge, deadlift, row, or press on this machine you may have serious problems with joints.

2. Hip Ab/Adductor Machine
This machine has been created for toning your inner and outer appearance. The pressure which is created by this machine on your muscles is "unnatural". They are used to stabilize and neutralize movement. If you want to make these muscles stronger you can jump, sprint, squat and lunge.

3. Torso Twist Machine
If you train on this machine your spine can suffer from unnatural and useless pressure.

4. Swiss Ball Squats
The negative effects of this ball are the same as of the Smith machine. You will also suffer from extra tension on your knees and you can’t do actual squat. With the help of swill ball you can only learn how to fall backwards.

5. Shoulder Press Machine
The shoulders are mobile and also very vulnerable joints. If the machine provides the restricted motion you joints may be injured.