Variety of Home Gyms

There are many types of Home Gyms. Here you can search for the one which will satisfy all your requirements.
Variety of Home Gyms
variety_home_gymThere are not too many different types of home gyms. In general, it is possible to divide all gyms into 3 types.

- Machine home gym (traditional, gliding gravity as resistance type, power rod or bungee cord and miscellaneous).
- Free weight home gym (traditional machines, power rack and power cage).
- Plate loaded machine home gyms (smith machine, combination smith machines and machine home gyms without weight stacks).

Machine home gyms usually contain several different pieces of training equipment which are all parts of a single steel framed structure. There are such subcategories of machine Home gyms.

1. Traditional. It usually consists of bench (usually upright), press-press arms for doing pressing/pushing exercises, leg extension, leg curl, weight stack (composed of several plates of metal stacked on top of each other. 

2. Gravity, gliding and resistance type. These gyms are a gliding board on an incline adjustable steel frame. You sit or lye on the gliding board and pull on cables which are attached to the board via pulleys. As you pull the board glides up the steel frame, carrying your body weight as the load. They are light and can be folded away.

3. Power Rod/Bungee Cord. Power rods are used as a load instead of a metal weight stack. As you push of pull on the bar, power rods which are connected to the bar via cables bend. The rigid rod of course resists being bent and thereby creates resistance. 

4. Miscellaneous. There are different devices that do not have their own subcategory, for example, door gyms, wall gyms, elastic rope sets, aqua bells and various ab machines.  

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