Aerobic Riders

Clear up the benefits and drawbacks of aerobic riders and their impact on improving your fitness level, burning excess fat and increasing strength.
Aerobic Riders

Nowadays aerobic riders are very popular. Ads assure you that they can work all large muscle groups at once, burn more excess fat, speed up your metabolism and stimulate weight loss. But are they really so beneficial? If you want to burn more calories, you need to reconsider purchasing a rider. A research from IDEA, an international association of fitness professionals, was held to determine which home gym equipment can help you burn more calories: treadmills, stationary bikes, cross-country skiers and aerobic riders. The riders took the last place.

The American Council on Exercise (A.C.E), at California State University, Northridge held another study in order to find out the exercise intensity and amount of calories burnt while using a rider. They have invited seven women ranging in age from 21-28 and asked them to train on the HealthRider, E-Force and CardioGlide. Before that women were tested on a treadmill in order to find out their maximum aerobic skills.

aerobic_riderIt was discovered that the most intense workout could be performed on the CardioGlide and they managed to burn only 74% of calories burnt while training on treadmill, also using the E-Force and HealthRider the participants managed to consume only 69% and 67%, respectively of the results achieved on the treadmill. So this means that you can burn 25% less calories training on a rider than performing your exercises on a treadmill. Also the researches have stated that once your fitness level is improved, the aerobic riders won’t be able to provide an intense workout suitable for the higher level of fitness.

In order to test the ability of riders to increase strength the researchers measured the muscle work of one taller (74 inch) participant and one shorter (64 inch) participant. The result was that the work of abdominal and biceps was the highest on the E-Force. Considerably lower abdominal activity was noticed on the HealthRider. Also varied measures of the deltoid, quadriceps, and back muscle activity were stated between the two participants and the three machines. It has been proved that the size of a person can have an impact on which muscles are used. But the only muscles which work all the time regardless of the machine or the rider, are the hamstrings.

It should be mentioned that some side effects from using this equipment have been noticed. More than the half of the participants said that they had felt tightness in forearm and exhaustion training on the riders. All of the participants suffered from these negative effects when exercising on the E-Force. Back pain was caused by the CardioGlide and the HealthRider. Five participants also felt discomfort in the low back when they trained on the two machines. It must be said that all the participants were young and healthy and didn’t have any problems with back.

Aerobic riders are useful only for beginning exercisers. If you are in a bad shape you can use a rider in order to improve your fitness level. But regardless of brand of riders you won’t be able to reach more advanced level of fitness. That’s why you will have to use another machine. However the rider can provide you a useful total body warm up before cross-training with other activities. If you decide to buy a rider you need to try it before that. You must enjoy the movement and don’t feel any discomfort. It is also crucial to consider your current fitness level, your goals, and the cost and quality of the rider.