Aerobic Step

Here you can find out what Aerobic Step is, its size and other features and how it is better to start step aerobics trainings.
Aerobic Step
aerobic_stepStep aerobics differ from other forms of aerobic exercise by its use of an elevated platform (the step). The height of the platform may be tailored to individual taste and physical peculiarities by inserting risers under the step.

Aerobic steps are smart accessories for your home fitness setup. The average step size is 25 inches wide x 6 inches high x 11 inches deep. It usually includes adjustment blocks that can make the step up to 6 inches higher. Platform has shock absorbing and non-skid surface and provides good traction on any floor. 

aerobic_stepBefore starting to use aerobic steps at home, it can be a good idea to attend few classes in the gym or fitness center, which have a group exercise programs. Many instructors prepare a set of moves that can be performed together to form the choreography class. It usually is timed to 32 beats in a set, ideally changing motion so that one set can be repeated in a mirrored fashion. A set may consist of many different leg switching combinations and different moves in different directions and durations.

If it’s your first attempt to try aerobic steps, choose basic level of choreography which includes a series of relatively basic moves strung together into a sequence.

Learn common moves at classes and than practice them at home. They are: Basic step, Corner knee, over-the-Top, Repeated knee, lunges, T-Step, V-Step, L-Step, Straddle Down, Split Step. Add some arm movements, such as Bicep Curl, Hammer Curl, Overheard Press and enjoy your step aerobic training.