Foam Rollers for Yoga and Pilates

Investigate two main types of foam rollers which are necessary for improving your fitness level, resting the tired muscles and eliminating the body aches.
Foam Rollers for Yoga and Pilates

If you enjoy yoga and pilates and also the new incarnation called "yogalates" foam rollers can become the second most crucial type of exercise equipment for your training sessions (the first one should be the exercise mat). You can use these versatile foams in order to do stretching, flexibility, back stabilization, balance training and other exercises. Also this type of equipment is used by physical therapists during patient rehabilitation also for the relaxation in order to rest and soothe tired muscles and get rid of the body aches. Their standard lengths are 12 to 36 inches and widths of two to six inches.

foam_rollersTwo kinds of Foam rollers
The half round type looks like a tube roller, it is cut lengthwise along their profile in such a way that one side is round and the other side is flat. This type of a foam roller will be very useful if you start to do balance training exercises.

The full round type is cylindrical. It has a round cross section and an even diameter all throughout. It is much more difficult to balance on it, that’s why it is recommended for intermediates and experts and the exercises should be performed with the help of a fitness trainer.

Buying Foam rollers
It is necessary to pick a foam roller that has a consistent texture and thick all around. You should make sure that the foam includes some perforations or large gaps. Smaller gaps are also good but large holes can make the roller less effective, less firm and lumpy. The rollers must have a smooth exterior.

It is crucial for your roller to be firm and flexible and it must return to its original shape even when bent or compressed. In order to make your workout more effective you should create the proper amount of firmness. It is recommended for the beginners to stick to softer rolls then move on to denser and harder ones as soon as you can improve your fitness level.