Hula Hoop

Read about ancient fitness gear which can help you to get a wasp waist. Here you can find useful tips which will allow you to learn how to hula hoop quickly.
Hula Hoop
hula_hoopHula hoops were used as long ago as Roman Empire was, as a form of exercise. Before this fitness equipment was made from wood, metal, bamboo and even grasses. Modern companies reinvented a new kind of the hula hoops using unusual materials, and as a result now we can enjoy plastic noise maker hula hoops, or collapsible hula hoops. 

Here is an easy way how to hula hoop:
- Pick up the hula hoop of the necessary size. In most malls it is possible to find only kid-size hoops. Unless you are the size a child, the child-sized hoop will not work for you, especially if you are just learning how to hula hoop. So make or buy a right-sized hula hoop and you will gain a lot of fun and save yourself from early disappointment. How to define a right size for your hula hoop? You can check it in such way: stand with a hoop in front of you, in general, the hoop should be between stomach and nipple height. Take into consideration your waist as well. The bigger you are the bigger the hoop should be. It is easier to start with a big hoop as it starts to rotate slowly. Small hoops are rotating faster and it is harder to handle it. Small hoops are good for making tricks and exercises.
- How to start? Hold the hoop against your back. Start it a little above the waist. Push the hoop around the waist. Then, try to shift your weight back and force on your feet to keep the hoop moving.

In practice it is more difficult than it sounds. Use our tips to learn how to hula hoop easily:
- Put one foot in front of the other and the only thing you have to do, just shift your weight forth and back from foot to foot. Usually people try to move their hips in a circle synchronously with a hoop. This makes the exercise more difficult to perform.
- If you are not sure which direction you should start to hoop, try both. You will understand immediately which one is for you. It was noticed that right handed people usually hoop counter-clockwise. Lefthanders prefer to go clockwise. But there are always exceptions of all rules.
- Stay calm. It can take some time to get used to the hoop. Never give up!