Inversion Tables for Your Home Gym

Study the main features and the usefulness of inversion tables which are helpful in relieving back pain and lower your stress.
Inversion Tables for Your Home Gym

An inverted table which is often called inversion table is a type of equipment necessary for relieving the lower back pain and reducing stress. In order to train on this equipment you should put your feet higher than your head. You need to be strapped to the machine in an upside down position. You should perform Gravity’s pull for stretching your vertebrae.

This type of equipment has originated from the ancient therapy known as inversion therapy which was practiced for healing back pains 4,000 years ago.

The price of new inversion tables can vary from $200 to $1,000 dollars.

inversion_tablesThe manual-type is less expensive than the motorized-type. In using manual inversion tables you should rely on your own weight in order to tilt the table. Your training will be more strenuous but also very efficient. The motorized-type is more comfortable because it gives the opportunity to stretch out your arms unlike in the manual version where they should be used for controlling the machine. This machine has motors that move the table and regulate the degree of inversion.

Tips on buying inversion tables
You should buy an inversion table which is comfortable and easy to use especially if you haven’t been using this machine before. It should have proper padding and enough space to move around during your training.

You should also examine the quality of all parts of the machine. It should be sturdy in order to carry your weight which is crucial for avoiding injuries.

The inversion table must have a warranty seal in case problems or malfunctions occur.

Finally, make sure that your inversion table includes all necessary support materials: manuals that teach you how to use the machine or a video or DVD that offers step-by-step recommendations on how to use the product.