Jogging Stroller

If youТve decided to stop jogging because of having no time due to your parenthood, consider purchasing a jogging stroller and get an opportunity both to enjoy the time with your baby and training. Read about jogging strollers and their features.
Jogging Stroller

jogging_strollerFor an active mom or dad, a jogging stroller is a nice way to bring baby along for the run. There are a lot of different types, brands and price ranges available for jogging strollers. Since the strollers have shock absorbers and larger wheels, so faster paces won't rattle the stroller as much, provide a smooth ride, and a parent won't have to worry about tipping around the corners so jogging strollers are great for babies and important for parents. Besides, jogging strollers are even available for multiple children, so it is possible to take the whole brood out for a nice run. 

A little fresh air, some scenery, a little sun, and some exercise is fun for everyone.

Benefits of jogging strollers:
     1. Jogging strollers allows enjoying outside jogging even while having a baby
     2. Bigger wheels, more sturdy construction, hoods, canopies and special shapes make jogging with your toddler(s) a breeze.
     3. All desirable sizes and colors are available for varying degrees of intensity.
     4. Very often they come in all-in-one designs, replete with a baby carrier and/or car seat.
     5. Jogging Strollers for Two are also available for the tandem stroller lover.

Safety Warnings: children less than 6 months old should not ride in jogging strollers, unless it's explicitly an infant jogging stroller. Familiarize yourself with the brakes before embarking on that hilly running route.

Colors are actually more important than you may realize!
- Bright colors are recommended for visibility;
- In less urban areas, very bright colors are recommended to keep from blending in with scenery;
- For urban families, darker colors are recommended, because they show less dirt;
- For extra visibility, there are reflective tapes and flashing lights for night and evening jogs;
- If you live in a warmer climate or jog quite frequently in summer, lighter colors keep from overheating the stroller.

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