Jump Ropes

Look through the types of jump ropes and their benefits for improving your cardio training, increasing strength, mobility and agility.
Jump Ropes

People of all age enjoy playing jump rope. However you can use jump rope not just for games it can also be a very useful type of fitness equipment.

People often use jump ropes for games and athletic training. The person can grip on the two handles that are attached at both ends of the rope. For exercising you should hold the handles and twirl the rope vertically over your body. Try to jump and skip as long as you can, the rope should pass under the feet and over your head. Jump rope is very useful for performing cardio training, doing warm-ups and stamina exercise in sport.

jump_ropeKinds of jump ropes
The heavy type rope includes weights in order to increase the resistance and exertion. Such ropes are necessary for improving your stamina, speed and they provide a total body workout. Also these ropes are chosen by the martial artists and boxers. They are helpful in increasing strength, mobility and agility.

The speed type ropes, on the contrary consist of light, plastic cords. They require fast twirl and they make you jump faster. Due to exercising on these ropes you will be able to develop your speed, rhythm and agility. They are designed in bright and vibrant which can help you follow the movements of the rope.

Tips when buying
The rope which you buy should suit your height in order that it could be easy for you to use it. Look through the measurements that can be used as a guide:
Height: 4'10" - 5'3" Rope length: 7 - 8'
Height: 5'4" - 5'10" Rope length: 9'
Height: 5'11" - 6'6" Rope length: 10'
Height: 6'6" -Rope length: 11'