Consider a new type of fitness exercise - pole dancing. Here you can find information about various kinds of poles and their features.
poleNowadays, pole dancing has caught on as a new and increasingly popular form of exercise. Here,  women and sometimes men use the pole as a workout prop. This exercise increases upper body strength by using the body itself as resistance while toning the body as a whole. In fact, pole dancing as an exercise is very similar to Mallakhamb – an Indian men's sport with no erotic component.

Typically, dance pole consists of a hollow steel or brass pole with circular cross section, running from floor to ceiling. Attaching to the ceiling gives more stability. In the United States, the diameter is usually around 5 cm, allowing it to be gripped comfortably with one hand. In Asia, the diameter is usually slightly smaller at 45 mm or less.

One more kind of pole is the spinning pole. As its name suggests, it is similar to a standard dance pole but spins using ball bearings. The purpose of this pole is to create better momentum and higher rates of speed, in order to have a greater dramatic effect.

Home versions are available which may be used for practice or aerobic exercise. Pole materials include polished stainless steel, chromed steel, powder coating, acrylic "glow poles" with LED lighting effects, Titanium coated and brass. Every material allows for different gripping ability.

Poles can be held in place by using threading to brace them against a ceiling joist. Besides, there are poles that do not require construction and can be set up using tension. Stationary, rotating, and switchable versions are available.