Find out about the easy and convenience way of strengthening and toning your thighs. Read about thighmaster, its features and advantages.

thighmasterThighmaster – an exercise product designed to shape one's thighs. This device is basically two pieces of metal tube bent in a loop and connected with a hinge. Thighmaster offers a solution to what is a difficult part of the body to exercise without expensive gym equipment. It is possible to perform most exercises at home with a set of dumbbells or a home gym, but targeting your abductors and adductors (inner and outer thighs) specifically is difficult. That is why thighmaster is a popular piece of home gym equipment.

To get the result, place the thighmaster between the knees and squeeze them together – in such way it is possible to exercises the hip adductors. The simple mechanism allows exercising any suitable muscle where a small angle can be created to press it, for example the biceps – elbow flexion, or the hamstrings – knee flexion.

Some users love the product and find it very effective at strengthening and toning their thighs. For others it's too easy and the lack of resistance causes a problem. The manufacturers recommend using it for 20 minutes a day for better results. 

If this is the only piece of equipment you'll have, combine it's use with some aerobic exercise (even just walking) and a sensible diet and you'll have a much better chance of success.

The main advantage of thighmaster is that it can be used while doing something else.

thigh_masterThe main features of a thighmaster:
     - Small size ensures easy portability;
     - Work the Abdominals;
     - Customize your workout for the results you want;
     - Can be used for toning and shaping upper arms.