Yoga Equipment

Read about the variety of basic and optional yoga kinds of equipment and decide which one you will need in your home gym.
Yoga Equipment
Before you start practice yoga, it will be good to familiarize yourself with the basic equipment you will need in your home gym:
1. Yoga Mat. It is probably the most necessary piece of gear. It is the first think that you have to buy for your home yoga classes. This kind of mat is also called sticky mat. It helps to demarcate your personal space. But its main purpose is to create traction for your hands and feet so you don’t split, especially when you gat a little sweaty.  The mat also works like a kind of pillow to soften the hard floor surface. Yoga mats are rather cheap, and have good durability.

2. Clothing. Get comfortable, breathable clothes. In many yoga poses your head comes below your hips and in case you wear form fitting shirt, it will slide down all the time. The same will do all any wide exercise pants or shorts. The same time it is better to avoid wearing super slick lycra-type pants, as they may cause you slip performing some exercises. 

3. Shoes. Yoga is most often performed barefoot.

There are also optional kinds of equipment, such as:
- Straps. This gear is especially useful for bound poses if your hands do not reach each other or in case you have to hold onto your feet but cannot reach them.
- Blanket. It is good to have a blanket in your yoga room available during the training. It is used for sitting or lying. For example, it is good to put a blanket under your sit-bones while sitting cross-legged, as it elevates your hips above the knees. They appeared to be useful for all types of exercises or during the final relaxations at the end of the training time as you can cover yourself in case it is cold.    
- Blocks. Blocks provide additional conveniences and improve your ailment. Blocks are good for standing poses in which your hands do not have to reach the floor. 
These optional kinds of equipment are particularly useful for beginners to avoid injuries and bring their body into alignment to get maximum benefit.