Best Time for Workout

Look through the advantages and disadvantages of the exercise in the morning, during the day or evening. Determine what time of the day is more comfortable for your training, which can help accumulate energy, warm muscles and perform a total workout.
Best Time for Workout

 Workout in the Morning .best_time_workout

Some people like to get up early in the morning but others don’t.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of training  in the morning .

The advantages of  Morning exercise

The morning workout can:
• Increase our metabolism that helps us burn more calories during the day
• Help you lose more fat  because our exhausted glycogen  stores make our  bodies use  fat stores for energy
• Give us a good start for the whole day by creating  endorphine that stimulates us and helps  us  feel good
• Wake us up instead of a cup of coffee
• Provide more consistent training without relaxation
• Make us get up earlier for exercise
• Provide  with the energy for the rest of the day
• Improve our intellectual skills for the day
• Prevent us from training on the summer heat
• Give us the opportunity to train when the air is not so polluted

The disadvantages of Morning workout
Here belong such statements that morning workout can:
• Make us exercise using less energy than it should be used
• Cause injuries by doing exercises with cold, tight muscles
• Make our muscles (as well as fat)to be used as a source of  fuel because of the absence of glycogen and also used  to burn more calories during the day
• Make the  workout uncomfortable for people who don/t want to get up early
• Create a higher risk of heart attack (that is because generally the risk of heart attacks increases in the morning)

Afternoon Workout
Some researches prove that  the best  time for workout is the afternoon. We should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the exercise in the afternoon.

The advantages of Afternoon workout
If we train in the afternoon we can:
•  Make us train more intensive because our body works  at an ideal temperature and our muscles are strong
• Avert us from injuries because our muscles are ready for workout and we are also more attentive in the afternoon
• Make our training more effective
• Prevent our bodies from stress that we have received for the day
• Allow us to foretaste some actions  before relaxing in the evening
• Make the feeling that the workout becomes easier – the researches proved that during late-in-the-day hours we don’t need much efforts for training
• Make our training comfortable- we can train during our lunch break
• Help us to find a workout partner for  a short time
• Make us eat less – giving us the opportunity to keep us off large lunches or big snacks
• Minimize the amount of food that we eat for dinner
• Make our muscle bigger and stronger - afternoon workout is the best time for both endurance and muscle building.

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