How to Create Cheap Home Gym

Read the suggestions that will help you create effective and space saving home gym for less than 100 dollars.
How to Create Cheap Home Gym

It is very beneficial to create your personal home gym. It has been proved that people that have home gyms tend to exercise more often. It will save your money and time that you usually spend on health clubs every month.

cheap_home_gymBut the only disadvantage of home gym is that it is very costly and requires space. It is necessary to buy individual station machines, a treadmill, a bike, and dozens of free weights. Are you really going to spend $ 10,000 on your home gym? The answer is of course not!

You can buy very expensive equipment but you may also achieve great results with the help of a gym that costs less than $ 100.

The $100 Home Gym
Dave, an Oscar winning screenwriter trains on $100 home gym twice a week and he has managed to achieve great results. Due to this home gym he has increased strength and endurance and he has also lost 6% of the body fat. The $100 home gym is inexpensive, effective and space saving equipment. Dave’s home gym consists of the following home gym equipment:

1) 1 Large Swiss Ball
2) Stretching Mat
3) Pair of 15 pound dumbells
4) Pair of 20 pound dumbells
5) 1 Heavy Black Ther-A-Band
6) 1 Resistance Band With Handles
7) 10 Pound Medicine Ball

But the equipment should suit your medical condition and main goals.
You need to create your own personal program because there is no general workout routine that fits everyone.