Free Weight Lifting or Machine Lifting

Here you can find out what type of workout- free weight lifting or machine lifting is good for and can decide which you prefer.
Free Weight Lifting or Machine Lifting

The argue concerning which lifting is more effective- free weight lifting or machine lifting has been present for years. But in fact it is hard to say which type of workout is better. They both have their benefits.

Free Weights
Free weight lifting is very beneficial and recommended for all professional bodybuilders.  Free weights are very effective for gaining muscle and power. Their main advantage is that this type of workout involves much more muscle fibers than machines do. It is also useful to work your stabilizer muscles using free weights in order to keep control of the weights, which can't be done using machines.  

When you are exercising on machines the focus is on an isolated muscle. This means that many muscle fibers are not worked at all. If you use free weights  more muscle fibers are worked  which provides a much greater range of motion and helps you gain strength.

A great example of the benefits of free weight lifting is squat. If you use a machine to do squats, such as the leg press, only your legs will be worked.  However if you have chosen free weight style you are not only working on your legs but are also working on your lower back which is involved to stabilize the weight. When stabilizer muscle is used you will become stronger and achieve faster muscle growth.

Machines are more suitable for a beginner bodybuilder, an old person, or a person recovering from an injury. Machines use a strict range of motion  and they work on one specific muscle per exercise. This will help you  avoid injuries while lifting.

Machines are also beneficial for injured people because they help you  isolate the injured muscle and help it to regain strength and flexibility. Beginner bodybuilders should also use machine.

Free weight lifting is more beneficial and suggested only for the  professional use because the greater range of motion and stabilizer muscles being used are better for gaining muscle. Machine lifting is recommended for the beginners, old people, and injured because there is a strict range of motion preventing injuries. It is up to you to decide which type of workout is the best for you.