Home Gym and Feng Shui Philosophy

Find out interesting suggestions that help you create your home gym according to the ancient Chinese philosophy Feng Shui and explore the benefits of such home gym design for your mental health and improving your fitness level.
Home Gym and Feng Shui Philosophy

Is it possible that the ancient Chinese philosophy could make your training better and improve your well being? The Feng Shui philosophers could never even dream about fitness and modern fitness movements. But their ideals are versatile so that they can be used in creating personal home gyms. If you place your home gym equipment according to the Feng Shui philosophy it will help you increase physical and mental harmony.

Maria Papini, a Milan-based architect and Feng Shui expert states that Feng Shui combines in itself the religion [Taoism], science [astrology, geology, magnetism] and superstition. She also says that the ancient Chinese tradition carries the belief that there is a network of mysterious telluric forces that influence on human beings. If a person manages to pay attention to them and can organize oneself and the one’s environment in order to get the benefits from the surrounding positive energy which is known as chi he or she will be able to recognize the basis of Feng Shui. It doesn’t matter whether it's the vital breath or cosmic energy that penetrates all things, it shouldn't be too strong or too weak. If it appears this energy may transform into negativity.

home_gym_feng_shuiHow to arrange home gym according to Feng Shui philosophy?
There are some things to know in order to Feng Shui your home gym for your single-family home in the suburbs or if you have a sprawling Park Avenue apartment. Your home gym should be located in a quiet place and far away from the busy streets and noisy rooms. It will be beneficial to place your equipment in a square room or in a rectangular room. Paint the walls in warm and relaxing pastel colors such as soft yellow or orange. Choose a wooden parquet floor and install a diffused and not very strong light. The door in your home gym room shouldn’t face the window on the opposite wall. It will be useful to select a room with the view of greenery. The entry to your gym should be set at the beginning of a long wall the window should be on the left side of the wall.

Recommendations concerning the equipment
The exercise bike and the treadmill should be placed to the left of the door. Both machines should face the window in order that you could enjoy the view during your training. The equipment like free weights and bench should be put halfway down the wall. In order to avoid the energy current to your universal weight machine place it in the left corner. The mirror can be hanged to the right of the door and the stretching and exercise mat should be in front of it.

However, you shouldn’t hope that Feng Shui can help you build such great body as Arnold Schwarzenegger's. It will be useful for improving your training and mental harmony.