Ratings of the Home Gym Equipment

Clear up the usefulness of the treadmill ratings which can give you comprehensive information on different kinds of treadmills, their quality, price, stability, warranty, electronics, etc. and help you select the high quality machine.
Ratings of the Home Gym Equipment

Before buying a treadmill it is necessary to do the research. Everybody wants to have high quality fitness equipment for a discount price. People try to choose the treadmill which could satisfy their workout needs.

It is important to study various treadmill ratings or reviews. But which rating is the most accurate? Here is the necessary information concerning treadmill ratings.

ratings_home_gymsThere are two types of treadmill ratings:
1) consumer ratings

2) expert ratings

Consumer ratings
Consumer ratings of the treadmills are completed by a layperson that has bought and trained on the certain type of treadmill. Every person that uses a treadmill can go online and post a review of their exercise machine.

Customer ratings and reviews can be very useful if you want to buy a treadmill, but you shouldn’t forget that:
1) You won’t find a 100% track record of the treadmill.
In most cases the reviews are posted by the people that have had negative experience with their treadmills.

You should remember that one bad review doesn’t prove that this treadmill is of a bad quality.

2) Today there is a great competition among the manufacturers of the treadmills. And marketing plays an important role in the treadmill industry, because most manufacturers realize that before you buy a treadmill you will definitely research its ratings.

Note. You should use common sense. If the rating sounds like it is done by a treadmill salesperson you should take it with the grain of salt.

Expert ratings
The other type of treadmill reviews is the expert ratings. They are done by the fitness experts, for example People like Consumer Reports, Runner's World, Consumer Guide, Men's Health, Prevention Magazine and many others. They write the reviews of various treadmills at various times in the year.

However, there are a few things which you should bare in mind while reading the expert ratings:
1) Each rater uses different rating system. They rate treadmills on such factors as price, cushioning, stability, quietness, belt area, warranty, console, electronics, programs, incline and quality of parts.

But some experts pay more attention on cushioning while the others─ on warranty. It is necessary to know that different experts appraise different features. You can read the explanation made by the experts how exactly the treadmills have been rated and which features have been valued the most.

2) The experts usually don’t have much time to value every treadmill brand on the market.

So, if a certain brand is not valued it doesn’t mean that this treadmill is of a bad quality. You should look for other reviews on this brand.

Also the main principle of most treadmill ratings is to compare the treadmills that have the similar price on the market.

So, if your treadmill costs $1000 and gets 5 stars it doesn’t mean that it is better than a $2000 treadmill that gets 4 stars. It means that among the other treadmills priced $1000 this one is of the best quality.

Treadmill ratings can help you choose the best quality treadmill which could satisfy your training needs.