Importance of Motor Power in Treadmills

Study the two kinds of treadmill motors and get to know their advantages, drawbacks and effectiveness.
Importance of Motor Power in Treadmills

When purchasing a treadmill the first thing you want to hear is about the power of its motor. The motor is the most important component of every exercise machine. If the motor stops functioning nothing on the treadmill will function. The treadmill power is measured in Horsepower which involves Continuous Horsepower or Peak Horsepower.

Continuous Horsepower determines the ability of treamill motor to operate continually without power surges and stops.

Peak Horsepower measures the fastest or strongest work of the treadmill motor in short bursts of time.

If you study the previous definitions carefully you would say that the continuous horsepower is much more important for the treadmill functioning. Usually the larger in size the motor, the larger the continuous duty rating the motor will accommodate.

Another very important factor in choosing the treadmill is that fundamentally a 15 amp wall outlet will max out in Horsepower at 1.8HP. A 20 amp wall outlet will at its best a max of 2.4 HP continuously. This means that it is not that profitable to buy a treamill with a huge «treadmill motor rating». Generally, unless you have an electrician install a 20 amp dedicated wall outlet, most will only find a true 2.4 HP treadmill motor at a gym or other workout facility.

motor_powerWhich Treadmill Motor is Better: AC or DC?
Most technicians of treamills advise to give the preference to exercise machines with an AC motor. The main benefit of this motor is that an AC   does not have brushes and uses a transmission to regulate the speed. As a result the speed is steady and continuous.

To control the speed a DC motor uses variable voltage and not a transmission. As a result the motor is the actually part that changes to adjust speed when told to do so by the user. This type of motor may require the replacement of brushes and control board which is too costly to be replaced. Also because there is no transmission on this motor the treadmill will have fewer moving parts.

DC motor are more typical for residential grade treadmills while AC motors are usually used in a commercial setting. Some users of treamills state that due to less moving parts the DC powered treadmill is less noisy as compared to AC treadmill motors.

It goes without saying that motor is the heart and soul of every treamill so it is very crucial to study various motors before purchasing an exercise machine.