The Features of a Quality Treadmill

Explore the four main attributes of a high quality treadmill which can help you choose the best exercise machine for your workouts.
The Features of a Quality Treadmill

It can be very hard to find a good quality treadmill among the marketing hype with which most consumers are facing today.

Look through the most important characteristics which are crucial for the treadmill's performance and determine that the treadmill is of a high quality.

features_treadmillContinuous Horsepower
The horsepower (HP) of a treadmill is one of the most important attributes of a good quality treadmill. The HP of a motor can be measured in two ways, through "peak duty" or "continuous duty". The motor in treadmills with continuous duty horsepower can preserve the same horsepower during the workout. Peak duty horsepower means the treadmill can gain that horsepower briefly but it won’t be maintained.

The manufacturers of the inferior treadmills enhance the appearance of their equipment by listing their peak duty rather than their continuous duty horsepower. Quality treadmills will always display their continuous duty horsepower for their customers.

Powerful Motor
Good motor should pump power easily throughout the whole machine. For example, a motor which continuous duty is 2.5HP in an entry level model is powerful. But this characteristic shouldn’t be applied to the motor of a commercial model because it would be too weak to make the huge commercial unit function.

The most reliable way to find out if a treadmill contains a powerful motor is to run on it. If the treadmill motor is of a good quality it should easily maintain your pace. Workouts performed on this treadmill are smooth and lag free, even at the highest speed.

Low Noise Level
Noise level is also a crucial factor in determining the quality of the treadmill. If your machine makes too much noise it means that it has poor engineering. Treadmills which have better engineering and high quality usually make less noise.

Long Warranties
The last attribute of a high quality treadmill is the warranty. The warranty of a high quality treadmill is lifetime on frames, 2 years on parts and a year on labor/service. Such warranty is a factor that the manufacturer of the machine is confident that their product is of very good quality.