Usefulness of Treadmill Belt Lubricants

Investigate the importance and the usefulness of treadmill belt lubricants that can prolong the life of your treadmill. Follow the recommendations that help you choose correct type of lubricant for your home gym equipment.
Usefulness of Treadmill Belt Lubricants

It should be mentioned that treadmill belt lubricants can extend the life of your treadmill by up to 200%.

The belt and deck are the crucial parts of the treadmill. If one of these parts breaks you will have to replace both parts in order that they could work well with each other. You will pay for such replacements $500 or even more in case if you have a high quality treadmill.

But if you take care of the belt and deck well they will serve you for a long period of time. The use of treadmill belt lubricants will help you reduce wear and tear on your machine’s other components and you won’t have problems with your equipment in the future.

Note. Not all treadmills require lubrication. Modern decks are made with materials that have no need in lubrication and some of them are pretreated. But if such details are lubricated it can be harmful for them. The motor can be damaged because of the increased friction between the belt and the deck. That’s why it is crucial to read the manual which includes the lubrication tips.

Not all treadmills have the same features. Some manufacturers can create a treadmill that needs lubrication while other models don’t need to be lubricated. That’s why you should be careful when you decide to lubricate the details of your treadmill. It will be useful if you contact a manufacturer or a certified service representative.

treadmill_belt_lubricantTwo types of treadmill belt lubricants
The lubricants for your treadmill can be wax and silicone. They can also have different forms. Wax lubricant can have a form of a powder, granular and solid form. But silicone lubricants can be found in liquid or spray can form. You should read the owner’s manual in order to select proper type of lubricant for your home gym equipment.

How often should you lubricate a treadmill?
The frequency of the lubrication of the treadmill depends on the model. The maintenance of your treadmill should rely on the type, size and quality of the belt and deck of your treadmill. Generally the treadmills should be lubricated at least once a year for walkers/joggers and every 6 months if you are more advanced runner. It is determined according the number of users and the amount of time of the use of the machine.

Final tips
Before you start lubricating it is crucial to unplug the treadmill from the power source. Don’t forget that useless lubrication as well as choosing the incorrect type of lubrication can cause the damage of both treadmill motor and also the other parts. To prevent the damages you should read the the manufacturer’s recommendations or consult an authorized service representative in order to choose the proper type of lubrication for your treadmill.