Choosing a Treadmill with TV

Here are a few important factors which should be considered before buying a treadmill with TV which will help you save your time and select the best treadmill for you.
Choosing a Treadmill with TV

The latest trend in treadmills today is exercise machines with built-in TV.

Treadmills with TVs have appeared on the demand of skyrocketing and there is no need to pay a commercial treadmill price to get a built -in TV. However while searching for  treadmill with TV you should know some factors which you should be aware of.

Two main typed of TV treadmills are available today. The first type includes a televiosion which is built directly into the console while on the second type the TV is attached separately to the console located above it. Due to this position the TV is nearly on the same line with your eyes.

The screens on the first version are mostly smaller (around 7-12 inches) and they are less expensive ( their average cost is $1000 - $1500).

TV treadmills of the second type have larger screens (around 15 inches) and their design is same as of the treadmills which are used in health clubs.  These machines are more costly ($2500+) and it is harder to find them for your home gym system.

treadmill_tvBenefits and Drawbacks of Treadmills with TV
1. Treadmills with a TV built into the console are more affordable. They give you the opportunity to watch favorite programs and track your workout simultaneously. Bu their main drawback is that if the TV breaks it can sometimes render the treadmill. Another negative side of this treadmills is that while doing heavy running ( especially if your treadmil is rather cheap) the screens may shake or wobble a bit.

2. It has been already mentioned that treadmills with separate TVs are more costly. But their advantage is that they have larger screens and also you can easily remove the TV for repair with no influence on treadmill operation. Additionally, due to its subframe design even while doing heavy running your screen won't shake or wobble.

3. All treadmills with TV also include built-in speaker system, so you can listen to your iPod of mp3 player as well. There are also exercise machines which are cable and DVD ready.

Regardless of which type of treamill you choose it is crucial that it could include the warranty coverage on the TV. As an alternative to a TV treadmill you can simply buy a quality treadmill and install it in front of your TV.